Monday, March 21, 2011

Grapevines for your Halloween Scarecrow project

This is a heads up for those haunters who are planning on using grapevines in there scarecrow projects (ala like Spooky Blue).

I started calling around a few of my local wineries to see if they had any old grapevines they did not want. I found out that this is time of year that the wineries cut back their old growth grapevines to make room for new growth. After they cut the vines, they then just dispose of them (or use them in compost).

The Winery I called was perfectly happy with me coming by and getting as many old grapevine that I wanted, for FREE.

So if you are planning a Spooky Blue type scarecrow, This the time of year to get your grapevines from your local winery (probably for free like me). If you wait to long, the wineries will be long done with their old growth cut back

Later all

PS Here is a link to on of Spooky Blue's scarecrow tutorial for insperation.

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