Monday, March 7, 2011

The Training of new Horror/Monster fans - Part One

I have taken it upon myself to start training my grandchildren in the fine art of being a horror/monster fan.  Since they are all boys with the respective ages of 2, 5 and 7, I have to start small (no pun intended).

I of course started them on the usual kids Halloween/Horror stuff: Nightmare before Xmas, Corpse Bride (my fav), Igor and Night of the Headless Horseman.  I then moved on to some classic Halloween horror toons: Milton the Monster and the Groovy Ghoulies (the youngest one loves them).

Now I was ready to move to the classics. So far I have shown the older ones Frankenstein, the Wolfman, the Creature from the Black Lagoon and Frankenstein vs the Wolfman.  I have had mixed success with these gems.  As long as Grandpa fast forwards thru the BORING parts (i.e. plot development) to the monsters I can hold their attention.

In part two I will tell about my success with the Atomic Age horror/monster movies.

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